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Modular and flexible, the “SKI” system consists of two profiles, one fixed and the other movable, which can be assembled to each other to allow easy assembly and adaptability to any type of skirting board.


The knurled side surface of the fixed profile facilitates the installation of the same on masonry uprights or walls, while the laying of the plasterboard or plaster is guided by the upper wing. The mounting of the mobile profile glued to the skirting board takes place by snap, before or after laying the strip led, inserted in the upper pocket of the fixed profile.


The modularity of the system simplifies the maintenance phases and at the same time allows positioning the flush-wall skirting with light blades that can have adjustable height.


The continuity of assembly is guaranteed by pre-assembled linear and angular junction kits, dedicated to carry out light beams both in the perimeter line and with stepped sections.

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